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Neebo Baby Monitor Reviews

Neebo Baby Monitor Reviews

The wearable technology looks like becomes and inevitable things in our life. Start from the smart watch, smart TV and many others; including the baby’s item, baby monitor. This neebo baby monitor reviews will let you know the pros and cons from having this wearable baby monitor.

Neebo Baby Monitor Reviews

Neebo Baby Monitor Pros
The Neebo baby monitor is the first baby monitor technology that wearable to the baby. The device is used in the baby wrist. The egg-shaped unit makes this device comfort to use for the infant and baby. 
•    It filters the background noise so you can hear only the sounds that your baby makes
•    The artificial intelligence sending alert to parents if there are any abnormal sounds that detected in the vicinity.
•    It is BPA free. The unit has silicon band that does not use any paint and made from medical grade plastic.
•    Radiation free
•    The device has built with careful child safe technology and encapsulate electronically
•    The childproof lock makes the only adult that able remove the unit neebo baby monitor cons
•    Although it has lock proof, for very active baby, the device can wear off especially if the children force to remove it.

Neebo baby monitor features 
There is advanced technology applied in this baby monitor. Here are the key features of the baby monitor that you can consider if you want to buy this smart technology unit.
•    Bluetooth 4.0
•    WiFi connectivity
•    The colorful unit option, grey, blue, and pink
•    Real-time monitor for control heart rate, oxygen saturation, and thermal state

Is it really needed to have this wearable device? 
The expert suggests that using this wearable device can ‘reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The infant death syndrome is common in babies between 1-12 months and it tends to occur during the period of 10 pm to 10 am. The wearable device is monitoring the heart rate and oxygen level, therefore when the children suddenly stop breathing; the parent will know this as soon as possible as the device alert the parents.

Why you need this baby monitor? The Neebo key data track will allow the parent to know the child’s breathing with the device heart rate monitor. The heart monitor will track your baby’s level of blood oxygen, and the baby temperature. This device only needs an hour for fully charged up and it can be last for a week with the active daily use or it can last up to 20 days when used only in the night.  The childproof clasp strap make it becomes strong and not easy to tear off when used in the baby wrist.  The waterproof rating is IP67 which means it able to stay underwater deep 1 m for 30 minutes.

There are many advantages that parents can get from buying Neebo baby monitor. This can help busy parents to always connected and monitor their baby, when you are doing other work or playing games if you are bored :) . With the neebo baby monitor reviews, a parent can consider the benefit of buying this device more to have more peace of mind while the baby sleeps and doing the activity.

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