Graco 4 in One Car Seat

Curious about Graco’s very own Graco 4 in one car seat? If you are, then look no further because down below is a review for that very specific chair. This review will talk about the good and the bad things that the seat got, so if you are looking for a bit of information on the seat, you can find them below:

First thing first, you need to know about the good things

Starting the day with good things will certainly be a nice way of living. Hence why this article will start with the good things on the chair. Luckily, Graco’s 4 in one got lots of it. In fact, Graco’s products are all known to be good. If you do not believe that statement, you might want to check Graco Slimfit all in one convertible car seat reviews available on the web. The Slimfit is another one of Graco’s, and many have rated the product top-notch.

Digression aside, Graco 4 in one is a product that is worth is own weight thanks to the many perks it got. One of those perks is the inLatch system, a system specifically designed to help with the seat installation. Seats from other manufacturers can often be ‘incomplete’ thanks to how hard it is to install those seats. There are manufacturers that require you to buy a separate base for their seats, and sometimes they are the ones who sell those bases, meaning you need to pay those manufacturers again. With InRight, the only thing you need to do to install the seat is to make sure that the seat ‘clicks’. When you heard the click sound, that is the moment you can rest easy because the seat is already firmly planted on the car seat. No additional base required, so your wallet will be happy knowing it will stay fat.

It, too, got a nice side impact safety system that your children will definitely need. You see, when you are driving a car, there is no telling when accidents will come. Because accidents are definitely not good for the kids, you need to make sure that they are strapped safely to the seat when it does happen. You also need to be sure that the seat is durable enough so that it would not bend when there is an impact. Graco 4 in one is a durable seat, having been undergone several crash impact tests. The result is satisfactory, of course.

There are several bad things about it, though

1A minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. Do you know how it feels like to hear constant rattling all the time? Some people can handle constant rattling, but there are people who will get annoyed easily thanks to it. This chair is definitely not a chair for the people who got annoyed by rattling noise. The headrest of the car is always rattling for no apparent reason. Some said it is caused by wear and tear and some said that it is a flaw in the design. No matter the reason, the headrest will rattle, and you are better off avoiding the thing if you cannot handle the rattling.
2The second of the cons is its size. The seat is very big so it would not fit small cars if you got one. Some people with larger cars see this as a good thing, but what makes it weird is the fact that even if the seat’s big, it cannot fit in cars larger than your normal cars. Take for example an SUV. Graco 4 in one car seat securing straps are definitely not long enough for SUVs, so if you got a car of that type, better skip the product and go get a seat that is much larger than this one.
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