The Solly Baby Wrap Reviews to Help You Make Up Your Mind

If you are a parent wanting to be closer to your newborn baby when slinging, you’ll need the Solly Baby Wrap Reviews. They make you easy to choose among others.

Baby Wrap Carriers

There are many reasons why parents wear a baby wrap carrier to sling their baby. This thing makes the bonding between the baby and the parent get stronger. With a parent’s touch, a baby will cry less and feel more secure.

With the upright position when you use the wrap carrier, a baby will lessen coughing, vomiting, spitting up, and breathing problems. It is also easy to kiss a baby with the baby wrap carrier.

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The Benefits of using the Solly Baby Wrap

The benefits of using the Solly Baby Wrap

  • With a great fabric, a parent slinging the baby will be able to wear while standing or sitting.
  • When you and your baby go out and you breastfeed it along the way, you won’t look weird. The baby will be unseen when being breastfed. The fabric will cover it nicely. Surely, this only can happen when a baby is below three months old.
  • When you have to multi-task, this wrap carrier will help you a lot. With your baby in the wrap carrier, you can walk your dog, you can go shopping for groceries, you can turn on the washing machine, you can hang your clothes to dry, etc.
  • When you travel, this wrap carrier will be easier to store in your purse and diaper bag. Yes, the size is small.
  • The material of this carrier is great that a mother can easily wash and dry it fast.
  • One thing that makes a mother feel happier especially if the mother is still young is this carrier goes very beautifully with her clothes. The wrap carrier comes with plain and printed fabric like checked and flowery. The colors are nice, too.

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The Pros and Cons according to people who bought Solly Baby Wrap Carrier

Pros and Cons

  • The size is only one and it fits everybody—a man and a woman. Wearers can wear it for a long time. It is easy when using since there are no buckles and no snaps, so the baby will feel more comfortable and safer. Its organic-cotton fabric is stretchy and lightweight. You don’t have to be afraid you can crush your baby. It has a small hidden pocket at the end of the wrap carrier, so you can store keys, etc.
  • The material is LOVELY. Soft, comfortable, and breathable. I am a sweaty momma and this thing is nice.

  • The fabric makes the wearer easy to sweat. If the wearer is shorter than 5’9, the wrap carrier is too long. It will be daunting. For parents of different height, it is not easy to share this wrap carrier for both of the parents. Due to the lightweight, this wrap carrier can only hold up a baby with twenty pounds of maximum weight.
  • There is a huge warning tag sewn into this thing, which is important, but the seams of it are scratchy and if I don’t have this positioned just right it could rub up on baby girl.

So, what do you think? Don’t you think it’s great to hold and baby-wear your baby with this wrap carrier? Hopefully, this article sharing Solly Baby Wrap Reviews can help you decide the best for you and your baby.


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Good product

THANK YOU THANK YOU! I can finally move and kinda be normal again. I breastfeed my baby and feeding her every hour not able to leave the chair was a nightmare! Now with this she sleeps in it while I cook and clean. I would recommend this to any new mother!

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